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For Clients and Non Clients


Although we are a full service property management company, housekeeping is one of our specialty services.  Whether we provide our full suite of property management services to you, here is why you want Blooming Property Management & Lodging helping you with your housekeeping this year.


Our housekeeping manager for 20+ years Chris and her staff of 12 (only six are showin in this picture) are meticulous and are experts at listening to clients needs and converting those needs into expected results and satisfied customers!

Whatever your housekeeping needs we have available an ample supply of king, queen, twin and deep pocket linens or use and clean your personal linens and towels.


We also have standard towels, kitchen terry, and/or larger spa towels available.  We supply these items in the combination sets that you need them for your bathrooms and kitchens.


We have numerous in-house high capacity washers and dryers and a label tracking system when we are laundering your personally owned towels and sheets.


We do not mix bed sheets and bath towels with kitchen terry and we use fragerant-free detergents and softners.

We have plenty of bathroom towels and supplies to replenish your unit during renter turnovers.
We have plenty of kitchen terry and supplies to replenish your unit during renter turnovers.

At Blooming we understand that every client's needs are unique.  We offer up-front service and ala-carte pricing eliminating complicated service packages.  We are fully licensed and insured and we engage only highly credentialed and properly documented staff.


PRICING - Cleaning
Current Clients (Includes: housekeeping labor+cleaning solutions+supervisory final inspection) $31.50/Hr
Non Clients (Includes: housekeeping labor+cleaning solutions+supervisory final inspection) $45/Hr
PRICING - Replenishing Supplies
Replenish Supplies - Bathroom $7/Bathroom
Replenish Supplies - Kitchen $13.50/Kitchen
PRICING - Wash/Dry/Replace
Wash/DryReplace - Bathroom Terry (Standard Set) $10/Bathroom
Wash/DryReplace - Bedroom Linen (Standard Set) $7/Bed
Wash/Dry/Replace - Kitchen Terry (Standard Set) $5/Kitchen


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