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In order to improve our overall performance as a team we want to gauge the performance of your Blooming Property Manager (PM) from May 1, 2023, to July 31, 2023.  Please complete by 8/31/23 and provide as many specific examples as you can below.  Thank you very much for your participation!!
How satisfied are you with your PM's ablity to get things accomplished for your HOA?
Very dissatisfiedA bit dissatisfiedPretty satisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfied
How would you rate you PM's overall communication effectiveness?
Not much at all FairGoodVery goodExtremely good
What do you like most about your PM?
How effectively do you believe you PM uses the CINC Property Managemet System to serve your HOA's ownership?
Not at allA little bitEffectiveVery effectiveExtremely effective
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